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Tim Westman is a Mortgage Agent with the Invis Team in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tim started his career as an entrepreneur in the trades. As a painting contractor, he learned many of the ins and outs of running a successful business. Learning to lead a team to satisfy and impress his clients was a source of pride for him and also became a reliable and successful business model. 5 Star reviews and a steady stream of enthusiastic referrals grew the business.

Tim was known for his meticulousness and integrity which lent to the success of his business, on the financial side of things as well. With clean and orderly books, he was often a welcome site at his accountants' office, preferring organized and dated files, to a shoebox stuffed with a years worth of crumpled receipts and documents. Some attribute this to his pedigree as a detailed painter, and some believe that a little OCD is the cause. The jury is still out.

Even with immaculate books, the process of purchasing property as an entrepreneur was always a challenge. Qualifications are different for the self-employed as opposed to salaried or hourly earners. Entrepreneurs must prove their reliability to lenders in different ways and often at a higher rate. With this in mind and a keen interest in real estate, this prompted Tim to switch careers. He became a Mortgage Agent, not only to help other self-employed business people to achieve their ambitions of property ownership, but families, investors, travellers and professionals young and old.

It's been an honour for Tim to join the Invis-Winnipeg Team. Lead by Rosa Bovino AMP, Invis -Winnipeg has consistently placed in the TOP 20 nationally and in the TOP 3 for the Prairie Region for the past 18 years, also winning the 2020 and 2022 Brokerage of the Year-Prairies-Mortgage Awards of Excellence. Not only can you trust Tim to look after your mortgage needs, but he's got a whole team of experienced specialists backing him. Tim's goal is to find you the mortgage that you want, for the best rate available.

"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest."

-Robert Montgomery

Tim Westman

Tim Westman

Mortgage Agent

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